Always Stay On Top With @stylepantry and Her Love For African Fashion!

 When it comes to fashion and style, there's not better destination than to check out what Mrs Folake Huntoon (@stylepantry) is up to. This lady can turn any outfit into diamond and you what: she also has the body for it. Mrs Folake is originally from Nigeria but lives in the US, is a wife and mother to 3 kids. I must admit that, she is hot and pretty.

@stylepantry is well-known for wearing different types of styles and she wears them so well. She goes from modern fashion to classic outfits and also has a good taste for African clothes (which is out subject today). She's teamed up with designers such as Stella Jean.

Stella Jean

Stella Jean skirt

Although she and her sister own a fashion brand called Loft324, she's always keen on trying other designers and her love for African fashion cannot be denied. She's worn several African Fashion outfits to date and some of my favorite among them are:

style pantry

style pantry

 style pantry

style pantry

To find out more out @stylepantry and her other subjects of interest, you can also visit her website where she talks about men, celebrities, fashion, music and more.

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