Handmade Plushies For Kids

Handmade Plushies For Kids

I have a mixture of 10 great, excellent quality, handmade plushies . They are a mix of dogs, Ellies and bunnies and sell extremely well at the market at the moment, so I thought I would present them here as well for those who are yet to discover.

Kids like them as huggable toys and plush dolls. Adults like them because they are firm enough to use as a pillow (office, car, etc). Another reason is that because of the fabric that we use. We use 100% Michael Miller cotton fabric for our plushies, so you can imagine our plushies are unlike those of others. And the poly-fiber filling is hypoallergenic and does not clump together. Some of our customers tell us that they have hand washed it, and it still retained its shape and fluffiness. Of course, even though it is of high quality, we make it very affordable.

To sum up the key factors; 1. Made with 100% Michael Miller fabrics, with patterns not seen before in plush dolls. 2. High quality filling, hypo allergenic, firm and retains shape. Does not clump. 3. Most importantly price is very affordable.

These are available for sale on Etsy .
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