Caring for African Wax Prints/Ankara Prints

Caring for African Wax Prints/Ankara Prints

African clothes also known as Ankara are made of fine fabrics. The most popular ones are made of 100% Cotton and the printed cotton also known as Wax Print.

Although African clothes can be worn as any other type of clothe, the garment here is very delicate and it's important that you learn how to Care for African Wax Prints/Ankara Prints and follow the caring/washing instructions.

People often say that African Outfits do not last longer and I always say to them it depends on how they care for their outfits. These are prints are often hand crafted and require careful handling. I have outfits that have lasted 2 years and even more simply because I take good care of them. To know more about the different types of Ankara Prints, please

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Caring Instructions

Like any other garment we buy on the market, there's a handling instruction to it. African prints/Ankara are easy to keep and here is you should be Caring for Your African Wax Prints/Ankara Prints:

– Machine wash with warm water and mild soap/detergent

– Make sure to avoid the Spin cycle. If it's on, please make sure to turn it off before washing your garment

– Hang to dry (please please do not use a dryer, this will damage the material and am sure you don't want that). When hanging your garment to dry, also make sure to avoid sunny spots as too much sun will fade the material.

– Once dry, make sure to iron on the wrong side at medium temperature, not very hot.

As you can see, caring for African Prints/Ankara are relatively simple and straight forward. Do not hesitate to drop me a message if you have any question or if you think I might have forgotten something on this topic and any other for that matter on this blog.

Enjoy my blog and if you like it, please make sure you share it. There's more to come, Stay Tuned!

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