What really makes African Print unique

What really makes African Print unique

Since around 2010, African inspired fashion has become so popular that it was a Must see on most fashion runway. Many celebrities, from Rihanna, to Beyonce, Gwen Stefani have been spotted wearing these.

African Print For Ladies

These prints have become so popular that many well-known designers have incorporated African inspired traditions into their designs. And according to the article Fashion Reborn: Blends of African outfits from Ankara, by fibre2fashion “Destiny of the ‘once before’ cheap Ankara fabrics, have undergone a magical transformation. Elegant creativity of the designers has made it a preferred choice of the rich and celebrities.”

Why I like African Prints

What really makes African Print unique is the fact that they are vibrant, colorful, fun and full of life. They can be combined with non-African items to create an irresistible look. On top of that the quality of the cotton is robust and durable, all depending on how you take care of your item. Make sure that you follow the washing instructions.

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