Top 6 Women's Most Stylish Winter Coats

Top 6 Women's Most Stylish Winter Coats

Winter is almost back and it's that time of the year when everyone struggles or get busy trying to find the perfect coat to face the cold weather.

My Top 10 Most Stylish Winter Coats will focus mostly on women as they are the ones with more troubles and hesitations when it comes to fashion. They are many styles of winter coats available on the market and some are more fashionable than others.

Some women choose their coats based on style while others choose based on comfort and safety. My advise is to choose your winter coat keeping in mind the weather you are likely to face.

My Top 6 Most Stylish Winter Coats are:

1- Trench Coat

The trench coat remain my number 1 simply because it never   goes out of style and is very fashionable and trendy. People wear them seasons in seasons out.

The Trench Coat is a raincoat constructed out of water-repellent fabric. Women's Trench Coats consist of a belt, collar, are double-breasted, and classically tailored. The sizes may vary from one designer to the other but usually the gap isn't very big.

   - Trench Coats made of African Prints

African prints are so popular and so high in demand that they follow the trend and can be used for almost 

every type of outfit. If you thought trench coats won't look good with African

prints, then think again. They look absolutely gorgeous and just as trendy.

The picture on your right is a coat by HouseOfSarah14, it fits beautifully

and is absolutely cute. You can purchase this coat by going here.

2- The Puffer Coat

The puffer Coat get its name from the puffy appearance thanks to the layers of insulation. These coats are usually very well-made and will keep you warm during aggressive weather.

They are made of synthetic fabrics, come in various length too and may be hooded. There's a large variety to choose from on the market so if you decide to go for this style, you'll surely find one you like.

3- Hooded Wool Coat

Wool is definitely is great choice for outdoor outfit and this is the way to go if you are looking for a coat that will last a lifetime.

This type of winter coat is very handy for those who live in windy and raining areas. It's both practical and fashionable. As well as other types of winter coats, this comes in various shapes and sizes.

4- Parka

Parkas usually come with a hood on and can be made of different material. They may not be the most stylish of all coats but they can be very practical especially for those who live areas with extremely bad weather conditions.

If you live in a very cold area, then this is the coat for you. It might not be as trendy but it will definitely keep you warm. They're also often made of fur or faux fur and came in various designs and sizes.

5- Long Camel Coat

Camel coats are as the name indicates coats made from Camel hair. The camel coat may come is various styles and colors but the tan color remain the most popular color of all and has been for decades.

The long camel coat is part of my Top 10 Women's Most Stylish Winter Coats and can be found everywhere and in a variety of styles. Usually they come belted or double breasted.

6- Wool Cape

Wool Cape is part of my Top 6 Women's Most Stylish Winter Coats for the only reason that it's extremely stylish and can give a new direction to an outfit.

Some women are brave enough to wear these despite the aggressive weather and I most say you rarely get it wrong. I would advise to avoid the wool cape during extremely cold weather as only part of your body is covered.

How buy your Winter Coat

Once you've decided what kind of coat you are interested in, you can now hit the internet and simply search by styles just to make your life easier. There's a huge amount of coats on the market and there's no way anyone who sit there and start searching one after the other. I think it's best to go by style and possibly color.

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