The NeoBantu Style

The NeoBantu Style

We've all heard about Ankara prints, african fashion and everything that goes with it but have you ever heard of The NeoBantu Style?


What is The NeoBantu Style?

The NeoBantu style is a new, fresh way of dressing up born within the African Bantu community and aims at wearing vibrant, colourful African/Ankara prints and mixing them with modern european trends. Even celebrities are fans of the African style, check them out. 

The NeoBantu Style is worn by many including to celebrities like Beyonce and Solange Knowles. The style is fresh, yet stylish. Everyone can wear African prints and the combination and prints styles are endless.

Tendai Tawonezvi, founder of NeoBantu says this: “Growing up in Zimbabwe taught us to be creative about the garments we wore and in so doing we learned the value of what we had and grew a deeper appreciation for it. My sister and I often found ourselves at flea markets and second hand stores, to our mum's horror, and then at the tailor to make edits on our finds. Often times we scoured the markets for suitable fabrics and used the inspiration all around us to create our own looks. Through it all, we’re able to create our own distinct style.”

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