The Dashiki Trend

The Dashiki Trend

Dashiki is just another African/Ankara print with just a different name. The Dashiki Trend, as well as the Ankara Trend is going very strong this summer. These prints are so beautiful and come in many styles, colors and are very versatile. They can be worn differently, depending on the style you choose.

The Dashiki Print is a "Must Have" this summer, these African prints are timeless and can give a whole new definition to your outfit. Whether you wear them with jeans or on their own is entirely up to you, they'll look just as beautiful and vibrant.

Men, women and children are all into the vibes this summer. Even celebrities couldn't resist the beauty of these African prints. Just like the Ankara/African prints, The Dashiki Trend is here to stay!

Origins Of The Dashiki Print

The Dashiki, also known Addis Abeba, Angelina or Miriam Makeba in Congo comes from West Africa and is very popular in these countries. Dashiki is born from the word "danshiki" which means shirt in the Haoussa language (Haoussa is the language spoken in West Africa, mostly by the Muslims).

Dashiki Prints were manufactured by the dutch company Vlisco and has been one of the company's biggest success since they came out. These prints are Batik inspired and are being worn by top celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna.

Many black-american families now wear Dashiki Prints to celebrate the Kwanzaa which was initiated in 1966 by the afro-american activist Ron Karenga and takes place every 26 December.

How The Dashiki Trend Is Taking The World By Storm

The Dashiki Trend has gone so crazy that top designers have now joined the frenzy and are creating their own designs to take that share of the market.

Dashiki Prints are colorful, fun, vibrant, very trendy and suit everybody regardless of your origin and background. As much as I love Dashiki prints, beware of over-priced items. Some people just take advantage of the trend and rip others of their hard earned cash.

This is my little contribution regarding the Dashiki Trend, I hope you enjoyed it. Do not forget to follow me on social media sites and share my post.

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