It's Head Wrap Time!

It's Head Wrap Time!

Head wraps have been part of the African culture for years but only in recent years have they become a serious fashion trend. Yes , It's Head Wrap Time! People from every origin and background now wear head wraps. These come in various sizes and shapes and can be worn with different types of outfits. The shapes of Head Wraps you can make are endless and most of them are honestly very easy to create.

How Do You Created Head Wrap Styles?

I've posted some Head Wraps of my Instagram account and many people were asking how to do them, hence the post: It's Head Wrap Time!. Below you'll find a video made by Davina from the blog London Curls. Her tutorial is really easy and she creates beautiful Head Wrap styles.

Now with no offense to hair extensions or any other hair accessories, I actually do prefer women to wear head wraps, I find them to be very attractive and beautiful. Head wraps are often made of African Wax and the same caring instructions still apply.

Yes, It's Head Wrap Time! I hope you enjoyed this post. Click the share button Now and leave me a comment...

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Hi Lena,
I don’t actually sell those am afraid.


How much are your scarvesfir your head. Pls

Lena heihn

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