Guest Post With Pagnifik!

Guest Post With Pagnifik!

Hey guys, I had the chance to conduct an interview with the well-known Pagnifik.

Below is the full interview and I hope you guys gonna love it.

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Guest Post With Pagnifik!

HouseOfSarah14: Hi Pagnifik, how are you doing?

Pagnifik: Hi HouseOfSarah14 and thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself through your blog. It's always a great pleasure to be invited to discuss about Pagnifik.

HouseOfSarah14: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. So, how is the phenomenon Pagnifik at the moment?

Pagnifik: Phenomenon? Is it not an exaggeration to talk in these terms? The easiest answer is that Pagnifik is doing well and thanks to our loyal readers, those who were with us when we first started and those who have discovered us over time.

HouseOfSarah14: How did you come up with this concept?

Pagnifik:  Initially the idea was to create a blog that highlights designers who use wax for their clothes and accessories. It grew gradually with new sections and the positive reception of the public allowed me to continue and do something even richer.

HouseOfSarah14: What prompted you? Why Pagnifik and not a different name?

Pagnifik: I was chatting with my friends on a Waxprints forum and one of them gave me some brand names of ready-to-wear American brands that use wax print. With research, I discovered that there was an entire ecosystem of such marks and these were not known from many.

In creating this blog, I wanted to share my discoveries and highlight these brands, stylists and designers. Pagnifik is a mixture of Waxprint and beauty. Waxprint is beautiful!

HouseOfSarah14: How long did it take you to finally decide to embark on this journey that I will say is a big success? (Congrats)

Pagnifik: Thank you!

Frankly, I didn't really think much when I started. Pagnifik was created as a simple blog. I had no other ideas other than to make posts on creators and share looks.

HouseOfSarah14: With Pagnifik being so popular, what are the challenges you face at this level of adventure?

Pagnifik: Pagnifik is a webzine; Social network management requires a lot of investment in time because you have to keep the community engage and adjust the tone to use social media. It also takes a lot of patience and empathy in human relationships.

HouseOfSarah14: When you first started, did you ever imagine that your concept will grow to such a scale?

Pagnifik: This is the advantage of creating something without expecting too much from it. I am delighted that things worked out well. But I must mention that, to date Pagnifik does not generate revenue that would speak of it as a real business.

HouseOfSarah14: What are your plans and motivations for the future?

Pagnifik: For 2 years now, Pagnifik created an event called a Wonderful World . This summer 2016 is going to be a turning point for the event which will offer several activities to our visitors.

This show is an opportunity to bring brands, designers and of course the public together for a day around fashion inspired by Africa, art and culture.

I hope that this show will become a reference and am planning to hold a similar show in my city of birth Abidjan, but it is currently just a desire.

Am also thinking on creating a multi-brand eshop where the opportunity will be given to the visitors to shop for clothes and accessories online.

HouseOfSarah14: What advice will you give to all these people who want to get into the business of African fashion and make it a full time?

Pagnifik: I realize that many people are getting into this business as "amateur" without studying the market, with the sole idea of ​​creating brand because it is trendy!  It's not going to work!

To succeed, it's important to understand the business of fashion and its machinery: creating is not enough! But also have an identity and brand image to promote with real marketing actions, in short manage a business!

And other thing to point out is that, the wax market is virtually saturated. It is better to identify a niche.

HouseOfSarah14: Thank you very much for your time today.

Pagnifik: My pleasure. Well done for your blog and for the opportunity you are giving others to express themselves through Guest posts.

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Instagram: pagnifik

Facebook: pagnifik

Twitter: @pagnifik

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