Important Eating Habits

Important Eating Habits

When it comes to Fashion and Lifestyle, Nutrition is very much part of it. As they say :" You are what you eat". There are some very Important Eating Habits that we must consider in order to live a normal, happy and healthy lifestyle. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be on any kind of diet whatsoever, but simply you should consider eating what your body needs. Having a healthy eating habit does not require anyone to be rich either.

As I grew up, I was always told that a good nutrition consists of a breakfast, a lunch and a diner. You can have some little snacks in-between of course. The subject nutrition is very verstile and I personally think that the reason for that is because everyone is different and has a different metabolism.

– Breakfast

important eating habits


This is the first meal of the day and probably the most important one. When I miss my breakfast I feel awful for the rest of the day, so I try my best to stick to this eating habit of not skipping my breakfast. What I eat for breakfast depends on my mood but I love porridge, cereals, breads with eggs and bacons sometimes.

Again everyone is diffrent and I avoid heavy breakfast especially when I have a busy day ahead.

– Lunch

Lunch is such an important part of your daily life because it re-energizes the body and gives you more strength.

important eatin habits

When you feel tired in the middle of the day, eating even a small lunch can boost your energy level, take away the stress of life, keep your metabolism active and change your mood (in a good way cheeky). I personally am very nervous when hungry loool sounds funny but it's true.

* Why you shouldn't skip your lunch: People who are on diet usually tend to skip their lunch but that is a big fat mistake. When you skip your lunch, you often get the opposite result of what is expected. It's advised to have a good lunch and breakfast and skip diner if you want.

– Diner

Breakfast is a way in which you kick-start your day and lunch is the moment when you take a break and re-fuel your energy level and focus your mind. How is Diner an Important Eating Habit then?

important eating habits

Diner is basically the last meal of the day and one has to be careful what you eat. It is recommended to eat something light before going to bed.

Because of the busy schedules we all have these days, we tend to overlook some little pleasures that life offers such as meeting friends and family. Diner offers the opportunity to do just that, sit with the people we treasure and enjoy a quiet evening before joining our bed.

NB: It's important to eat slowly and relax throughout your diner. This is the time of the day where there is no work-related pressure (I guess cool), so make the most of it and enjoy your meal. It is also recommended not to eat very late in the evening and try to avoid junk food/ fat food as these are hard to digest and can actually make you put on weight.

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