Types of African Fabrics (Ankara)

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African Fabrics also known as Ankara Prints have become very popular in recents years, and have been seen harboring designers catwalks all over the world. Various celebrities have been spotted wearing clothes made of African-Inspired fashion, which made these fabrics that were once overlooked even more popular. We're now in 2014 and the trend is still standing the test of times, for how long? Wait and see.

People tend to call all these fancy fabrics Ankara, but do they really know the difference between them? There are dfferent Types of African Fabrics (Ankara) available on the market. They may all be colourful, vibrant but they're made of different material and have different names. The most popular ones am going to talk about in this chapter is called Wax and is the ones we see on catwalks and fashion shows worldwide.

The different types of African fabrics

As I mentioned previously, they are many Types of African Fabrics (Ankara).

- Asoke which is very popular in Nigeria and is worn during special occasions such as weddings or funerals.

-Kente which is very vibrant, colourful and specific to the Ghaneen culture.

- Gold Prints

- Wax Prints which is the most popular and the subject of this post. The Wax Print/Ankara was originally manufactured by the Dutch and is very popular in West Africa. Ankara is very colourful, full of life , fun, can be used for differnt things and the patterns are endless.

The Wax is durable and has spread so fast it has now become a must have for worldwide designers such as Stella McCartney, Stella Jean ( who has amazing designs), Burberry, Moschino and much more.

Top celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna habe been spotted wearing these fabrics and still look stylish and trendy. Check Them Out.

Having checked catwalks of famous designers to get an idea of 2015 trends, you'll agree with me that Ankara is here to stay. Go Here to see what the trends for the year ahead looks like. These fabrics are very much part os next season's fashion police.

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