Tips: How To Keep Your ankara Print Longer

Tips: How To Keep Your ankara Print Longer

I received a lots of emails from followers/clients about "How to keep Ankara print longer". Although I mentioned a Quick Care Instruction under each item listed, I decided to go in depth in the subject and write a post about it.

how to keep your ankara print longer

Keeping your Ankara print longer is very easy if you make sure you follow the steps below:

- Always wash your garment with cold water.

- Wash your outfit with a non-aggressive, mild soap ( I always use liquid detergent instead of powder as this doesn't leave stains on the fabric).

- For the first wash only, use for 1L of water a glass of white vinegar. This helps to settle the color of the print. Leave the garment in this water for about an hour to settle the color then remove it.

- After the vinegar wash, do a last wash with plain water and hang dry.

- Once the garment is dry, iron it on the wrong side and make sure that, your iron's  temperature is not too high.

I wouldn't recommend machine wash for African print, but if you decide to go this route make sure you select a non-spin cycle that never exceeds 40⁰C.

When washing your Ankara print, always make sure to separate your Ankara garment from other outfits to avoid unfortunate color incident.

If you are wondering how you ca safely remove sticky label on your Ankara print, wonder no more. Go Here!



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