Madonna as a brunette for a new clip in “African” style (video)

Madonna became a brunette for a new clip in “African” style (video)

In the Internet appeared the new video of the famous American singer Madonna for the song Batuka with her new album, Madame X. this writes the Daily Mail.

The publication notes that since then, the singer has announced the release of 14th Studio album, her new video appear one after another.

Madona in her new song Batuka

In the new music video for her song Batuka off her 14th studio album Madame X, the Queen of Pop explores the history of Cape Verde, off the coast of Senegal, Africa, and celebrates Batuka, the style of music and dance for which the song is named.

Madonna as a Brunette on her new clip

Cape Verde called the birthplace of the slave trade. On this fact, the singer recalled in the beginning of the clip. Along with her in videos starring dark-skinned women of Portuguese musical ensemble Orquestra Batukadeiras.

In the frame of the Madonna dances with African rhythms on the ocean. In the crowd of women in white headscarves American star stands out in a contrasting way: for the video shoot she became a brunette.

 Listen to the music and share, great work the artist.

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