African Threading: Kim K or Sister Derby, who rocks this hairstyle?

African threading hairstyle is making a strong comeback on the fashion scene as a MUST DO hairstyle. Just like Sister Derby, Kim K also recently rocked this African hairstyle

Kim K & Sister Derby in African Threading

African Threading is a protective hairstyle which has been known for decades and is making fierce comeback as the Natural Hair Movement gains momentum. 

Kim K wearing African Threading

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When your hair is wrapped in threads, it forces you to less manipulation which is great for healthy strands. Most African women, especially those who carry natural hair often use threading to avoid shrinkage.

African Hairstyles

If you are fan of the funky style, you can use colored threads instead of just black.

The stiffer the locks,  the more you'll be able to build your hair for a wide variety of gravity-defying looks. 

Other celebrities like Alicia Keys have been spotted often with African Hairstyles.

Alicia Keys in African Hairstyles




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