When Ankara/African Prints Set The Tune

When Ankara/African Prints Set The Tune

Holla At Me': A video by Gallaxy

(This is what happens when Ankara/African prints meets Music)

Hey people, I stumbled upon this lovely video by the group Galaxy that promotes African/Ankara outfits (When Ankara/African Prints meet Fashion) and I decided to post it here. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it as I did.

What attracted me to this video and made me take the decision to post it here are: the quality of the pictures and the outstanding costumes made of Ankara/African prints. I just fell so in love with the diversity of fabrics and from afar you can these are good quality fabrics.

This amazing video just confirms the fact that Ankara print is here to stay and has a long way to go. When Ankara/African Prints Set The Tune, the world can also start dancing.

Please watch the video below and make sure you share it and leave a comment to tell me what you think of it. Also make sure you bookmark this blog to stay up-to-date as there are amazing surprises to come next month. Stay tuned!

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