Slowly approaching Summer 2015 in Prints

Slowly approaching Summer 2015 in Prints

Summer is almost here and as mentioned earlier in one of my blog post, the African print also known as Ankara is here to stay and still has a very long way to go.

Just recently at the Paris Fashion Week, the well-known, top of the range designers Viktor&Rolf unveiled their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and they confirm my thoughts.

We're Slowly approaching Summer 2015 in Prints and his collection is so African inspired, full of colors, very vibrant and will make every woman very happy.

I love the fact that the colors combination is simply beautiful, not to mention the one of the kind headpiece that models are wearing. They look a bit strange but I just love them, they are very unique even though am sure were only designed for the catwalk.

As Summer is slowly approaching, this dress type is very popular is West Africa and very comfy. They are loose and can be worn with anything, pregnant women love them. I really love the style and can't wait to see some celebrities trying out these dresses and have them go viral.


African Prints are very much at the forefront of the fashion industry at the moment and it's very exciting to see how designers can turn these amazing prints that were once overlook into some "Must Have" treasures.

Just to show you how far African/Ankara prints are to go, the well-respected designer Stella Jeans recently unveiled her Men's collection for Autumn /Winter 2015 and it's full of colors.


Slowly approaching Summer 2015 in Prints is a must read for every fashionista. As you enjoyed reading this blog, make sure you leave a comment, bookmark and share as there's a lot more to come. Stay tuned!

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