Ankara is Doing Wonders

Ankara is Doing Wonders

Some of you might be thinking why this title: Ankara is Doing Wonders. I will explain to you just what I mean and am sure you'll agree with me that this trend is now a "Must Have" in every fashionable woman's wardrobe.

Ankara is really doing wonders in a sense that it's now taken the fashion world by storm. There was a time when this amazing product was considered by some to be low-class and not fashionable, but that era is long gone.

Nobody saw anything good and attractive about this fabric and one morning, out of nowhere, everyone became addicted to it so much that it has become a trend and is harboring reputable designer's catwalks around the world.

Yes Ankara is Doing Wonders and everywhere you go, there's a touch of it. I love the fact that these prints are so versatile and can be worn or made with different fabrics.


As seen on the picture above, Rihanna is wearing a beautiful Ankara mixed outfit from the well-known and respected designer Stella Jeans who specializes more on Ankara prints and is very good at it. Her designs are amazing but shame that the price tag isn't for the average woman. Check Here for more on celebrities who wear Ankara print.

How Is Ankara Really doing Wonders?

Ankara is Doing Wonders so much so that this print is also being used to make shoes, jewelries, handbags, home decoration, bed sheets, ties and much more.

To push the creativity even further, different prints are now being put together to create an outfit and this style also is already going very strong at the moment and is slowly taking the fashion world by storm.

Having lived and worn Ankara prints all my life, it's a very good feeling to see that everywhere you go these days, a material that was once overlooked is now a little treasure.

The Downside Of Ankara

Having said all the good things about Ankara print and its wonders, there's in my opinion one downside to it. For those who do not know the difference between the prints, am telling you today that there are good and bad prints out there. And I find it very disturbing that some sellers actually use the very cheap version of the fabric for their collections, and yet still have the courage to price them as real/good quality ones.

Note that the cheap print will fade and wash out very quickly, usually after the 1st or 2nd wash.

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