Beautiful pieces of Jewelry I found

Beautiful pieces of Jewelry I found

I've been looking around recently and have been checking some nice pieces of jewelry and guess what? I found some 10 amazing , Beautiful pieces of jewelry and decided to share them on this site. Check them out and let me know what you think, you are welcome to share this page/blog with your circle.

charles Albert

The above necklace is by #Charles Albert who is also known for being a good destination for fashion jewelries by many celebrities. He also has different range of fashion jewelry and they are really unique.

Another great set by Charles Albert, can't get enough of these unique pieces, every woman's joy.

Another great set that I find to be beautiful and can be worn every season. It's quite unique yet trendy.

This set is a mixture of pearls and stones and I particularly love the color its made of. Really beautiful I think and would look really good if worn with evening/diner outfits.

The above earrings are handmade by craftspeople in Kenya, of assorted bead glass. They are very unique and entirely handmade.

I found the above piece on Etsy, although looking strange to me , I kinda like it very much. It's so uncommon but looks great at the same time.  Not sure I'll wear it myself but this is one of these items that one cannot wear but would love it on someone else.

I love this set of bracelets, they are vibrant,look good and can be worn with most outfits. I found them to be available in many colors and they're all beautifully made.

Another great set of bracelets, all handmade.

I absolutely fell in love with this Victorian style ring, I love the shape and especially the stone it's made of is Breathtaking.

This is a personalized style of necklaces. Most women nowadays love personalized pieces , so do men as well when looking for gifts. I love the stones and the color combination.

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