Make-Up: The Pros & Cons


Beauty has no price for most women. We're ready to go the extra mile to look good.

Long gone are the days where cosmetics products did nothing but damage people's skin. Things have evolved so much so that, more cosmetics manufacturers are now using pure ingredients to limit the damage on the skin. Companies tend to use more natural products that will have a less agressive effect on the skin.

Pros Of Make-Up

– A good make-up makes you feel more confident and at ease with yourself. It enhances your beauty and hide imperfection.

– Make-Up covers Pimples/Acne which many people may see as "ugly" cool

– When applied correctly, a good foundation gives a smooth and delicate look and evens out the colour and tone of your skin and face

Mascara make your eyes look thicker and longer

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow show the true beauty of your eyes

– Blush makes you have a good cheek bone structure

– Lip gloss/balm makes you feel sexy but be careful to choose the right color for your skin

Cons Of Make-Up

– As a beginner, you'll need to be patient while applying your make-up for the first time

– Good make-up products are very expensive and if you apply them day in and day out, then you need to set a budget

– Time consuming

– A heavy makeup can cause cloged up pores

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