How To Care For Your Feet In Summer

How To Care For Your Feet In Summer

Summer is approching, hence the topic: How To Care For Your Feet In Summer. Sandals and flip flops are slowly making their ways back in our closets. It's time to have your feets on point before you start displaying them on the nice weather.

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With the right products, you can easily have some very clean, sexy feets. How To Care For Your Feet In Summer is as important as caring for any other part of your body. There's nothing as annoying as swelling and smelling feet, all this has to end as you continue to read this post.

Beware of smelly feet 
With high temperatures rising and shoes that do not allow fresh air to come in , bad odors settle. In a humid environment not only does unpleasant smell take place, but also bulbs. The specific dressing for bulbs is often there to save our lives , but open shoes/ sandals are best suited .
A good treatment for your feet
As I said before, How To Care For Your Feet is an essential beauty "Must Do". For me personally, one of the best treatment for feet is the BabyFoot Deep Exfoliation For Feet peel, see below:
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BabyFoot Deep Exfoliation For Feet peel is a natural skin care product that promotes 'total foot' skin peeling (exfoliation) for all skin types. This skin treatment removes not just the dry skin patches, but also helps cure  bad foot odour. Even if you exfoliate skin regularly, dry skin on feet can be a problem.

1. Cure dry, cracked, rough skin on feet

Most normal foot care products target dry skin patches, leaving some old and some new layers of skin exposed. With these aggressive methods skin is torn away, damaging new layers of your skin that also dry out rapidly. The Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation For Feet is safe and gentle yet far more effective, as the new skin exposed is sealed and undamaged. The entire hard skin layer is removed kindly to leave baby soft feet you may not have had in years.

Directions–No scrub, no rub, no abrasion

* Wash and dry feet, place feet in BabyFoot pack and secure with the double-sided tape.
* Leave on feet for two hours and allow the gel to be absorbed into the skin.
* Remove pack and wash feet gently with soap.


Water activates BabyFoot, so thoroughly wet your feet each day. Dead skin will start to peel within five to seven days. Start the peeling process by rubbing gently with a cloth or palm of hand. Do not forcibly remove dead skin when peeling process begins. Dead skin cells will peel off within three to four weeks, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

Please note that this treatment looks very funny but it work. Nothing might happen on the first day but the peeling usuallt begins on the 2nd – 3rd day. No more smelly feet in summer, learn how to care for them now…