Grow Your Nails Quickly

Grow Your Nails Quickly

As fas as I am concerned, there's no such secret as how to "Grow Your Nails Quickly". Like any other parts of your body, I think you should also take good care of your nails by given them a good treatment daily/weekly.

A good massage at the root of your nails is very important as it allows the product to penetrate nicely and it also improves blood circulation.

How To Grow Your Nails Quickly

How I Grow My Nails Quickly

I know we all use differe methods and technics when it comes to beauty, etc but here is what I do to help my nails grow fast. Please note that this is what works for me at the moment and it'll be good to know what other methods you ladies use.

– In the evening, I massage my nails with olive Oil for about 10-15 minutes. It's very relaxing and leaves your nails feeling very moisturized. I do this at least once a week and a max of twice/weekly. Of course you can do it more if you have much time.By the time I finish doing this, my daughter has already put my house up-side-down loool laugh.

– Before I apply my nail vernish, I always make sure that I put my Sally Hansen nail strengthener as a base. Sometimes nails become softer as they grow, so it's important that we apply a base.

sally Hansen nail strenghtener

Always remember to pay attention to the edges if you want your nails to grow quickly. This is my little contribution on the subject. Let me know which methods you use to Grow Your Nails Quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!