5 Essential Beauty Secrets For A Girl’s Night Out

There's nothing better and exciting than a girls nights out. When I plan to go out with my girlfriends, I always put some effort into the preparation process. This is the time where we always want to look our best, be sexy and give the best impressions ever. Every girl does know that getting ready for a night out requires a lot of preparation, in fact I call it a second Full-Time job. Girls nights out are usually fun and full of enjoyment. Having said that, I must admit that not all girls are aware of the 5 essential beauty secrets for a girl's night out.

Have I said 5 essential beauty secrets for a girl's night out? Of course I mean it and after reading this chapter, many will understand what I mean and will avoid making the usual mistakes. We've all been there before, no need to feel ashamed.

1- Some tissues: I hate, I mean I really hate it when I sweat and for that reason I always make sure I carry  enough tissues with me to last for the night.


Of course if you are dansing all over the place there's not much you can do to prevent it, but it always helps to have some tissues so you can quickly pop into the toilets and wipe that a bit.

2- Lipsticks and/or gloss: It's very important to always look fresh faced even in the middle of partying.


Lipsticks and/or gloss are very much part of my 5 essential beauty secrets for a girl's night out. They're tiny and therefore easily fit in a little purse, bag or clutch. They are easy to carry around and can make a difference during the party hour.

3- Chewing gums/ Mints: Well I can't insist enough on this.

chewing gums

Honestly girls there's nothing like a bad breath. I know at times people do not realize it themselves but the other person you're talking to does. That's why I think it's safe to always carry some chewing gums/mints  with you, they are life savers. Even when am not partying I always have some with me, just in case. wink

4- Comfortable shoes: There's no point going out in some shoes that are not comfortable or don't fit.


Actually this should have been my number one essential beauty secrets because I totally love shoes. At times I really do think that am crazy to own so many pair of shoes and don't even wear them all but well. I listed shoes as one of my 5 essential beauty secrets for a girl's night out because a bad/uncomfortable pair of shoes can spoilt your night out. Imagine you going out wiith your friends and not be able to enjoy yourself simply because of the shoes you are wearing. Always make sure that what you are waering is comfy enough to last a whole night. Alternatively, you can carry a 2nd pair with you just in case. I've seen girls do that too, so it's nothing unusual.

5- A nice dress or pair of jeans: A little dress or a nice pair of jeans is always a good choice for a night out.


Anyone of the above two looks are rarely a fail. They're simple and definately part of my 5 essential beauty secrets for a girl's night out. I personally will go for the jeans look for a night out but again it all depends on the occasion and the event you are attending. Having said that, both looks are very beautiful.

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